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Dienstag, Januar 25, 2005

Mein Computer war krank, ich auch

Heute abend werde ich einen neuen Abschnitt aufnehmen.

Montag, Januar 10, 2005

Erste Blog

Title=erste Podcast
Artist=Hugh Gordon
Filename=Erste Podcast (auf Deutsch) (Please right mouse click and do a SAVE-AS to save this file on your computer to play it back)
Filesize=616 Kbytes
Filedate=Montag, der 10. Januar 2005
Link from Today's show=Die Werbung spricht wieder Deutsch

Mittwoch, Januar 05, 2005

Where to begin, where to begin

Oh - as much as I wanted to start this site with a podcast - I simply don't have the time tonight.

So hopefully on friday - The topic for the upcoming podcast will be - where does one begin to learn German. Topics covered will include - should I really start studying one of the most complicated languages on my own using the interweb and sites like this?

Stay tuned...

But before going any further - there are a number of people, places, and websites that I should thank right away for having helped me, encouraged me, inspired me, and if nothing else -- entertained me:

The lovely, the talented Steffanie for her Deutsch für Anfänger.

The great teachers I've had so far at the Goethe Institut.

Many thanks to: Reinhold Wiesner, Ken Rutkowski, Sabine and Sebastian, Kasia, Stefan, german.meetup.com,
The Young Executives in Canada (YEC) of the Canadian German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CGCIC)Vwodek, Derek, and Dan.

And last but definitely not least - the crazy folks over at german.about.com and Deutsche Welle from whom I've learned more about German and Germany than I have from any other source.

Montag, Januar 03, 2005

Hallo Welt!

printf("Hallo Welt");

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